Company transport, haul any size of goods between Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Sweden. Parcel, partial loads, pallet delivery services available. We also provide courier service as well as consignment shipment.  (list of cities where we carry loads, parcels, pallets, packages, etc…).
For general shipping prices please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our services include:

•    Partial cargo transportation,
•    Parcel transportation,
•    Any type of car and motorcycle transportation,
•    Spare parts delivery to order,
•    Transporting bags, luggage, bicycles and other items,
•    Pallet transportation,
•    Storage
•    Buy in (a service where you can order through our company, any kind of goods from Lithuania, Latvia to Norway, Sweden or from Norway, Sweden to Latvia, Lithuania we will buy them for you and we will deliver it to You).

We will pick up big consignment from the indicated address and will deliver to address provided. Except when otherwise agreed (in writing, orally) or, when it wasn’t possible to fulfill for reasons unknown to us.
• Parcel delivery time in 68 hours from pick up,
• We handle all customs-related import or export documents (in Lithuania, Latvia and Norway).
Before inquiry or placing order you must familiarize with terms and conditions.