Buy in (a service where you can order through our company, any kind of goods from Lithuania, Latvia to Norway, Sweden or from Norway, Sweden to Latvia, Lithuania we will buy them for you and we will deliver it to You).

We can buy and deliver, or simply deliver any item you purchased between Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Sweden.

Car, Motorcycle Parts,
Things purchased over internet,
Various personal items,
Any type of building materials,
Gifts for loved ones.

 The company also transports small and large loads weekly. All parcels and loads are insured against damage and loss in transit.

 Additional services:

Shuttle service for passengers,
Transportation of part loads,
Parcel delivery,
Car transport,
Spare car, motorcycle parts delivery to order,
Transportation of bags, suitcases, bicycles and other items,
Pallet transportation,
International move from place to place,